Thai Menu

The Belfair bar & Kitchen Thai  Menu

Poh Pia. Two large king prawn spring rolls

Cod Fish Cakes. Hint of spice served with a sweet chilli sauce & cucumber

King Prawn Pad Thai Noodles

Chicken Pad Thai noodles

Green Curry – Choice of chicken, beef or pork served on a bed of steamed rice

Penang Curry – Chicken, beef or pork. king prawn served on a bed of steamed rice

Phad Kra Pow. Spicy Fried chicken, pork, beef or prawn with  Basil

Cowl Pat Rice with chicken, pork, beef, prawn with vegetables

Massaman Curry – Choice of chicken, pork, beef ,veggie option                                         £7.00

Jungle Curry Soup. Chicken, pork, beef with vegetables

Tom Yum chicken, beef, pork, prawn soup with steamed rice
£7.50 (Sea Food extra £1)

Udon Noodle Soup. Thick noodles with Pork, beef, prawn, vegetables

Larb Moo. Mince beef or pork with steamed rice

Chicken in coconut milk soup with galangal ginger

Som Tum Pappaya Salad. Carrot green bean garlic ,chilli ,peanut dried shrimp

Satay Chicken. Tender strips marinated in fresh herbs ,spices served in peanut sauce

King Prawns – With garlic & chilli

Yam Talay – Thin noodles with seafood, pork mince, chilli onion, celery, garlic and spring onion

Yam Na – Spicy beef salad, onion, garlic, chilli and celery

Yum Fish Salad – Sardine fish, lemon grass, chilli, garlic, spring onion, fresh mint, Coriander in a tomato sauce

Ya Pla Mamwng – Mango fried fish on salad, chilli, celery, garlic (Peanuts optional)

Pla Nung Man’aw – Steamed fish with lemon lime, garlic, chilli, celery and spring onion

Thai Omelette & Tomato, spinach, onion & garlic
£4.95 (with meat add £1)

Khaw tm – Rice soup with spring onion garlic coriander, chilli (optional), choice of pork, chicken or seafood (Add £1)

Thai Dessert
Sweet sticky rice cooked in a coconut cream with mango

Ice Cream (with fruit)